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EA-Link System is an MSC Status Software House specialing in developing solutions for the Malaysian Tax Industry. We are founded on the vision of being the "Outsourced IT department for the Malaysian Tax Industry" Our flagship product, BRASSTAX, is the leading Workflow Management software for Tax Professionals that is available in Malaysia.
In addition to the Software tools we also provide the following:
BT-CEO - Professional Workshops and Training
BRASSTAX Jobsearch - Human Resourcing

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BRASSTAX is a best of breed solution that combines the most recent changes in Malaysian Tax rules with the best IT methods and best Tax Practices from across Malaysia. Regular updates can be downloaded to ensure to that you are always using the most recent tax rules along with the latest productivity tools based on feed back from our Customers and LHDN.

BRASSTAX provides support for Borang C/R (Corporate), Borang B/BE (Individual) and Borang P (Partnership). In addition to providing Form Filing functionality it also delivers a range of productivity features that cannot be found in any other Tax Software in Malaysia.

BRASSTAX is used by many of the well known Tax Agents throughout Malaysia, along with many of Malaysia's Corporate entities, it is now the tool behind the preparation of more than 40,000 assessments annually.

All of the forms produced by BRASSTAX use both the prescribed Borang and follow the guidelines provided by the LHDN.

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